Catapult Release Notes

Version 7.7

  • Fixed '..' ('up') navigation element moving around in the file explorer on Mac OS X when sorting by name in client GUI. The '..' has been removed and an 'up' button has been introduced in front of the file explorer path.
  • Changed the collapse and expand GUI elements to be more discoverable.
  • Fixed default job name in the GUI issue.

Version 7.6

  • Fixed Mac OS X (High Sierra) issue when selecting the root directory on both client GUI and server.
  • Recycle.bin directory (Mac OS X only) is now hidden in the GUI.
  • Added ability to collapse major UI component panels in the GUI.
  • Added support for sorting by column in both local and remote file browsers in the GUI.
  • Added new 'dark theme' in the GUI. This can be set in the settings/preferences.
  • Component panel state (collapsed/expanded) and GUI theme (dark/light) are persisted between sessions.

Version 7.5

  • Fixed "Cannot select directory." issue in the GUI when accented characters and umlauts (i.e. é, â, ü) are present.
  • General GUI stability improvements.

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