Isn't it time you replaced
your FTP server?

Meet Catapult.

Simple, Secure and Fast Data Transfers

Catapult delivers an easy to use, high-speed point-to-point data transfer application available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. Addressing the shortcomings of common network transfer protocols such as FTP, Catapult enables you to efficiently utilize any internet and VPN connection via its built-in TCP and UDP accelerated transfer protocol.

Providing a free alternative to existing FTP servers, Catapult allows you to significantly reduce file transfer times and manage data via a simple to use and familiar user interface. Employing the power of both TCP and UDP, Catapult offers an optimal path for any network, regardless of latency or packet loss.

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The Usual Challenges

In today's fast changing IT and media landscape, we increasingly rely on data transfers as part of our daily operations. You most likely know that you should be using a secure, fast and efficient solution, but keep coming across the usual barriers.

Time constraints

Investigating commercial solutions requires engaging in a time consuming trial process involving sales people from the beginning.

Budget constraints

Considering the significant upfront investment required for commercial solutions, makes a replacement difficult to justify.

Multiple Server Connections

Connect to multiple Windows, OSX and Linux servers at a time.

Resume Transfers

Pick up where you left off if your connection is interrupted.

Bandwidth Control

Prioritise your most important transfers and throttle your background tasks.

Catapult versus FTP

Catapult's fast transfer protocol is able to saturate internet and private networks far more efficiently than FTP. Employing our unique Catapult protocol, long data transfer times belong to the past.

Built-in bandwidth management provides precise on-the-fly control of WAN utilisation, allowing for dynamic adjustment of in-progress transfers. Integrated and simple to use management and detailed transfer reporting makes Catapult the ideal solution.

Source Destination Bandwidth FTP Catapult
Los Angeles New York 25Mbits 9 Hours 55 Minutes
New York London 100Mbits 3 Hours 15 Minutes
London Singapore 100Mbits 10 Hours 22 Minutes
Average speeds transferring 10GB assuming the disks can sustain adequate throughput

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Secure your Transfers


All communications establish a Secure Sockets Layer encrypted link.

Direct Peer to Peer

Know exactly where your files reside with direct peer to peer transfers.

Supercharged Transfers
On High-Bandwidth Networks

Catapult's unique capability to operate at near line speeds provides high speed transfers using 10Gb, 40Gb or 100Gb connections without using any appreciable hardware resources. This provides a highly cost-effective alternative for maximising private networks for bulk data transfers, even at increasing latencies.

Source Destination Bandwidth FTP Catapult
Los Angeles New York 1Gbit 23 Hours 18 Minutes
New York London 10Gbits 28 Hours 8 Minutes
Average speeds transferring 100GB assuming the disks can sustain adequate throughput

Monitor your transfers in real-time

Keep an eye on your server's activity or monitor a transfer's progress with the Catapult Control web interface. Activity on multiple Catapult servers can be viewed at once and reports can be generated with detailed transfer statistics.

Advanced Features

LAN and WAN data transfers

Saturate any network interconnect over a LAN or WAN.

Optimized disk writes

Virtually eliminate fragmentation with optimized disk writes.

Sequence aware protocol

Highly efficient, sequence aware protocol for frame sequence transfers.

Cross-platform user interface

Connect Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems from a common GUI.

Catapult-enable your existing SAN or NAS storage

Local SAN or NAS storage can also easily be shared over single or multiple standard LAN connections at disk speeds, significantly improving bulk data migration, backup and disaster recovery. Catapult's predictable stream access characteristics make for SAN friendly loads, with large, in order, read and write sizes, virtually eliminating fragmentation.

Command line client for automated workflows

SlingshotCopy is a flexible command line Catapult client application that enables high-speed file transfers between client systems and Catapult servers. Available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, SlingshotCopy allows for easy automation or integration into scripted custom workflows.

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